Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge Heads West

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The premium adventure race known as the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge will take place in the wild wilderness of Tasmania's west coast at the end of the year.

The sold-out event traverses over 350 kilometres of Tasmania's stunning terrain in an adrenaline-pumping multi-sport race.

Competitors will battle it out across the course, running, trekking, mountain biking and paddling through Tasmania's remote west coast for their share of $30,000 in prize money.

The challenge's course designer John Jacoby said that Tasmania has the perfect environment to meet his requirements of needing a course that is fun but challenging "relatively easy".

Mr Jacoby hinted at some of the places the challenge will visit this year, including harsh alpine terrain, wild coastal environments, rainforests and waterfalls.

He added that he thought Tasmania was such a great location for the challenge because the island had "so much variety", in such a small area.

"It is wild but also close to civilization. The parks are well managed and there is great scope for a range of activities. Even having a variable and unpredictable climate can make for a great adventure."

Mr Jacoby had some tips for those taking part in the challenge this year, adding that participants should train with long endurance-based efforts rather than short-speed sessions, train in all conditions (rain/hail/snow/heat) and practise their race-day hydration/nutrition regime in training.

If you're heading to Tasmania as a competitor – or even as a supporter – then there are a wide range of experiences that you can enjoy during your stay!

A seven-day adventure guide is available on the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge website, highlighting top places and attractions to visit, including Strahan, the 'world-famous' Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and a number of gourmet delights in Latrobe and Launceston. You won’t have to battle it out – they will, but you will enjoy some of the areas in which the event will take place.

The remarkable Gordon River - Tasmania's West Coast

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