OK, so Binalong Bay might not have been jumping, but that’s what this cruise is all about. Guess what, we’ve had another relaxing day, although there was one tense moment when we pulled up the anchor this morning. Coming in over the bow roller the anchor gave a kick and jammed on an angle. A certain amount of welly was required (one man jumping, one man hammering) to free it, but soon we were underway on Day 7 of our adventure.

We motored for about 5 hours from Binalong Bay to Swan Island where we are anchored for the night in company with 4 other VDLC boats.

Time to get out your maps to see exactly where we are folks. If you Google Swan Island you will find some interesting facts. For those of you who can’t be bothered, Swan Island is just off the north-east tip of Tasmania, in the throat of Banks Strait that separates the mainland from The Furneaux Group. According to Wikipedia, part of the island is privately owned, there is an automated lighthouse, an airstrip, and several houses.

Going ashore at Telegraph Bay we discovered there is also a Mutton Bird Rookery here, but the sign says “closed all year” – which must be a bit of a pain if you are a mutton bird wanting to rook.

Another superb sunset as we decide what to do with fresh tuna for dinner.

Plenty of welly to un-jam the anchor

Katrina III off the Bay of Fires

Want to go ashore?

Want to go back to the boat for a G&T?

Whoops, more dolphins!

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  • Lois Ryan says:

    Hello Sally. Thanks for the comment. Do you have friends on a particular boat? I can look out for them for you and try and get them on my blog.

  • sally says:

    Lovely photos…nice to keep track of all the vdl cruise. .

  • Gail says:

    Oh Lois – everything looks idylic. A G&T on teh deck would be wonderful thanks.

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