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Picture an animal paradise roughly the size of New York's Central Park, teeming with native Australian animals, beautiful plant life and sweeping scenic views of the coast – well this haven exists, and it's nestled in Tasmania's far north west at King's Run.

King's Run Wildlife Tours allows visitors to view an abundance of wildlife and rare flora, from the Orange Bellied Parrot which migrates through the property in autumn and spring to its nocturnal wildlife that creep through the buzzing bush in the dead of the night.

The marsupial lawn is a big attraction at Kings Run, with large numbers of wallabies grazing the land as well as bandicoots and wombats.

You will also get to have a peek at the island's very own native animal, the cheeky and ferocious Tasmanian Devils, as well as their fellow marsupial kin the Spot Tail Quolls.

If you wait at the rustic fisherman's shack, you may be able to view some Tassie Devils within an hour of sunset, as they follow a scent track which leads to this very spot.

Guests can watch in candlelight through a window, as the Devils snack on their morsels of road kill.

The four hour tour operates all year round, but be sure to book well in advance as it is only held five nights out of every fortnight.

Groups of up to 10 people can be accommodated, with warm clothes and sturdy footwear appropriate for the experience as visitors venture through the wild landscape.

Families with young children and babies are also welcome too, and when possible given a private tour.

If the wildlife and nature tour has left you feeling a little thirsty and peckish, you can take delight in the drinks and light snacks provided.

Get along to this fantastic wildlife experience for a rare glimpse into the lives of these threatened yet majestic animals with Kings Run Wildlife Tours.

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