King Island weekend getaway

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Travel to Tasmania's north west coast to discover the beauty that lies offshore, waiting to be discovered.

King Island is the perfect getaway for couples wanting to escape the fast life of the city, providing a relaxing setting to take in breathtaking landscapes and breathe fresh, clean air.

The island is located 80 kilometres north-east of mainland Tasmania and was first sighted in 1797. Named after governor King of New South Wales, the island is accessible by plane and cargo vessels, and is well known for its superb fishing and dairy produce.

A great time to visit the island is around the holiday season of December and January, with the King Island Horse Racing Carnival taking place in these months, consisting of seven official TAB meetings.

The first event to take place is Opening Day on December 1 with the first meeting of the summer carnival, followed by Ladies Day on December 15, known as the official 'Fashions on the Field' day for fashion, champagne and fun!

The next event is on December 26 for the Boxing Day Meeting, then the King Island Cup Day on January 1, the King Island Dairy Day on January 12, Maritime Day on January 19 and lastly the Fly-In Family Day on January 26, especially for visitors to King Island, with racing, novelty events and entertainment throughout the day.

King Island offers a number of exciting activities, where if you love getting out in the water you can get net and rod out for a spot of fishing or have an amazing diving experience discovering the more than 100 shipwrecks that lie under the waters.

Make sure to also pay a visit to King Island Dairy to sample their quality cheeses which include the gold winning King Island Dairy Black Label Black Wax Cheddar and King Island Dairy Endeavour.

There are also yoghurts, creams and even desserts on offer – so make sure to pick some up to take home with you!

King Island's most recognisable product

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