James Boag’s Historic Brewery

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Oktoberfest is a 16-day annual German festival celebrating beer – so why not get amongst the festive activities and make a visit to James Boag's Historic Brewery?

Only a short distance from Launceston's central business district, you can enjoy quality beer tours which begin at the Boag's Centre for Beer Lovers in the historic Tamar Hotel.

The historic hotel has been a hot spot for beer drinkers since the 1830s, so its a fitting place to start the tour.

The centre features a museum which holds over a hundred years worth of the Boag family and brewery history and is an experience that shouldn't be missed.

There are two beer tours that you can choose to go on, with the first option the Boag's Discovery Tour.

This 60 minute tour will guide you through workings of the brewery, giving insight into how the beers are brewed and packaged. The brewery tour is then followed by an educational tasting session, so you can sample the finest brews Boag's has to offer.

The alternative tour on offer is the Boag's Beer Lovers Tour, a highlight activity for true beer fans! You will explore the processes of brewing in detail over a 90 minute guided trip, where you will then finish the day with a selection of Boag's beers and tasty Tasmanian cheeses.

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