The southern part of Tasmania has a reputation for gourmet food and high quality produce.

You can source great tasting seafood, meat and dairy products right across the state, but it is hard to go past the Huon Valley for fresh fruit.

The Huon Valley is located just a short drive from Hobart and winds along the Huon River through the towns of Huonville, Geeveston and Cygnet.

And while the region is well known for its former prowess for tasty apples, it is also home to a rich variety of fruits that grow in cooler climates.

A quick visit to the Apple & Heritage Museum in Huonville – which is the largest town in the region – will go some way to explaining the rich history of apple and pear production in the region.

Driving further south (just below 43 degrees south in fact) is the Panorama Vineyard at Cradoc, where you can enjoy wine tasting, or simply admire the scenery.

If you are already in the area then it might also be a good idea (in season) to head toward the nearby Hancock's Daffodil Farm.

The great part about this journey is that you can make regular stops along the way, as local farmers and growers often sell fresh, organic produce directly to the consumer.

Another top fresh food destination in the Huon Valley is the berry producing town of Cygnet.

It is easy to get lost in the local orchards and craft stores that dot the area – and if you feel like unwinding after a long day of sightseeing there are a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from in the township. The Red Velvet Lounge comes to mind – part boutique food store, part funky eclectic cafe/restaurant, headed up by the redoubtable Steve Crumper ex Peppermint Bay.

Depending on the weather, you might like to bring a rug and thermos with you for an afternoon picnic on the river with friends and snack on all the delicious treats you have picked up on your travels.

Classic Huon Valley Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs With Salmon

Grandvewe Composite Image Image credit (parts) Joe Shemesh

Small Boats at Anchor near the Wooden Boast Centre and Franklin - image Susan Moore

Gourmet Farmer - Mathew Evans - a Huon Valley resident Image Credit SBS

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