It’s been all go today, and I am racing to put this together before the dinghy returns to spirit me away to the first ashore gathering of the cruise participants.
We could not leave Maria Island before going ashore this morning at Darlington. A very special place indeed, and my next dream is set – to do one of Ian Johnstone’s Maria Island Walks. As a good friend’s mother says: ‘you only need 4 things in life – someone to love; someone to love you; something to do; and a dream.
And now we are at anchor in Schouten Passage – and the weather forecast is not terrific so we might be here a day or two.
‘The Fisherman’ continues his good run, with a large skipjack tuna caught on our way here this afternoon. We’ve all then put a rod in the water for squid and come up with about 8 between us. They are currently heading for the beach along with the the RYCT portable bbq we are carrying.
Last night we ate most of ‘Alby the (doe eyed baby) Albacore’, and what was left we put into some sushi for lunch. Helve, a very special photo for you today!
Dad, glad to know you are now (at 80-whatever) online so you can watch our journey. As requested, you will now find a photo of me on this blog.
That’s it for now because my dinghy awaits and there is socialising to do.
Barometer – a bottle of champagne on ice
Grumpometer – should be better after champagne
Fishometer – what can I say, but move over Rex

VDLC yacht off Maria Island

New dream, to return to Maria Island

E2 cook having a grate time making sushi

Helve, here's one for you!

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  • Helve says:

    I am really enjoying your wonderful account of your trip so far. The photos are great and I am pleased to see the food is of good quality and presented well! You do make us all envious. We wish we were there with Caia. Ric comes back from Europe tomorrow and I am sure he will enjoy your blog if he has not already done so by his phone. Safe travels – see you in Stanley. xx H

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