Hobart in Top 10 ‘Destinations on The Rise’

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Tasmania's capital city Hobart is indeed 'on the rise' in international travel, after the world's largest travel site TripAdvisor named the Australian hotspot in its travelers' choice 2012 list.

This notable compilation of travel destinations was chosen by 'millions of travelers', with Hobart named as one of the Top 10 Destinations on the rise.

Hobart and Perth were the only Australian cities named in the list, alongside other top locations such as Mar del Plata in Argentina, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Kiev in Ukraine, Montevideo in Uruguay, Mexico City and Guadalajara in Mexico, Moscow and Turin in Italy.

The website described Hobart as a 'unique mash-up of the 19th and 21st centuries', acknowledging the city's waterfront cafes and restaurants, vibrant nightlife and 'active art scene'.

TripAdvisor noted attractions such as the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Wellington and Salamanca Market as places not to miss.

Other highly ranked Hobart attractions include Louisa's Walk, Battery Point, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, State Cinema, South Bruny National Park, Cascades Female Factory Historic Site, Hartz Mountains National Park and Theatre Royal.

The top three Hobart activities recommended by travelers are Tasman Island Cruises, Great Expeditions – Personal, Private & Guided Tasmania Day Tours and Eye See Personalised Private Tours.

TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award 2012 Hobart

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  • admin says:

    Thanks Kevin, we will pass your observations on.

  • Kevin Buckley says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I read with dismay of the closure of the Batman bridge rest area to free campers for overnight stays, I have spent a lot of time in Tasmania over the last 15 years, for work and in the past 5 years as a retired free camper, in the last 5 years I have traveled to Tasmania at least once a year and stayed for up to 4 months, that is until last year.
    Closing these rest areas to free campers on the advice of vested interest group of Van park owners is very short sighted on your part, it will cost you, after having a run in myself with the owner of the Gowrie Vanpark owner, who chased me to the free camp in Gowrie park and proceeded to call me and my family parasites and freeloaders on the hospitality of Tasmania, we had been in Tasmania that time for a week and had to that date spent $2500 by the 4 of us, FREELOADERS!!!!!, I beg to differ, we didn’t stay in Van parks I agree but we paid our way in other ways.
    The Van parks don’t offer what we want most of the time and that why we free camp, when we wanted to stay in a city or town, we stayed in the Van park, if they offer what we want they get our money, free enterprise!!!! that’s the way it supposed to work, I have visited Tasmania for the last time and will actively campaign for others not to go there until you as a government make the Caravan park owner responsible for their own decisions, council regulations and rates are heavy I know, that yours and their problems, sort them out without laying the blame on the travelling public.
    The owner of the Gowrie park Caravan park made a decision to buy the park and spend money on it, without thinking it through!, Gowrie park has nothing there except the free camp, (how will it stay there?) and the Van park, I had spent money in the town before, the previous owner of the Van park used to have the dining room open as a cafe, with coffee, meals, cakes etc. this is why the present owner saw us pass, we were looking for the cafe to have lunch, it was closed and will only open by prior arrangement with the owner for guests!!!! that was his decision, we wanted to spend money in the place but he decided how we were going to spend it, that’s not how it works, my money, my decision,we didn’t agree, so we went elsewhere to spend our money.
    These Caravan park owners should stand by their decisions and stop blaming everyone else for their poor business decisions, the state of Tasmania will suffer because of these selfish mongrels who want a guaranteed success for their businesses by legislating mandatory van park stays, when the government of Tasmania stops pandering to a minority group of vested interests and makes them succeed or fail by their own efforts the better, then I may revisit my favourite state again.

    Sincerely and with regrets,

    Kevin Buckley.

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