This old saying, heard often from my husband, is now beginning to make sense to me. Mind you, it seems to be the men (and women) who are deteriorating faster than the ships! Our boats are cleaned, they are calm, and none of them appear to be in danger of rotting over the 3 days we are here in the Tamar.

Yes, the camaraderie I mentioned two days ago continues to intensify. The downside is that any healthy weight-loss and well-being after 8 days off shore are gradually eroding. The upside is that we are finding out more about cruising, the shared experiences (see ‘exploding cryo-vac sausages’ below), and working out logistics of transporting crew to and from the various locations along the journey.

With wheels at our disposal, the highlight of our day was a superb lunch at Daniel Alps’ Restaurant at Strathlynn at Rosevears. Adjoining one of the top wineries in Tasmania, the restaurant deserves all the accolades it still receives after many years in operation. I am no food writer or critic, but to come away from any meal with so many delicious flavours still on my mind and on my tongue some hours later it will be an experience to remember.

Our crew also spent some time at the mining museum at Beaconsfield and came away very impressed with the way in which the recent and the ancient history of the small town has been set out.

I for one am looking forward to getting on with our seafaring journey, and tomorrow I will provision the boat again for the next leg of the trip.

Swapping vital cruising information

Making the most of every drop of sunshine

Why do some sausages explode when cryo-vac'd and frozen?

Splendid vista from Daniel Alps' Restaurant at Strathlynn

Sensational scallops too!

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