Great scenery and fresh seafood in Dover

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Dover is a picturesque fishing village nestled at the head of Esperance Bay on Tasmania's south-east coast – and is a delightful destination for the idle traveller looking to spend a day or two by the water in total relaxation.

Overlooking the islands of Faith, Hope and Charity, it the second southernmost town in Australia and well worth basing yourself at when visiting some the region's nearby tourist attractions.

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs is one of the most popular attractions of the region and ideal place to spend a serene afternoon.

At Hartz Mountains National Park you will discover rugged mountain peaks, lush rainforest and pleasant lakes to sit by and enjoy a snack or refreshing beverage.

While the southwest of Tasmania is generally affected by Antarctic winds, Dover's position on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel helps to keep it relatively insulated.

However, it is still wise to bring a warm jacket and wet weather gear on a trip to Dover no matter what time of year.

The fishing industry in Dover thrives with Atlantic salmon, abalone and cray fish just some of the delicacies you should try at local restaurants. Explore some more at site for the area – Far South Tasmania.

Dover looking across the bay with mountains to the south

Dover peaceful morning scene with craft at anchor

Dover aquaculture Image Credit - Garry Moore

Dover amazing water scenes and coastline

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  • admin says:

    Not quite sure which site you mean as two sites were referenced. Far South lists only one which is classified as a B&B, and that is actually in Southport (Jetty House) which is a nearby location.
    http://www.farsouthtasmania.com/jettyhouse.html and http://southportjettyhouse.com will assist you.
    Accommodation listed on the DiscoverTasmania site for Dover lists 8 places to stay. Trust that this helps.

  • Jo van Kool says:

    No information on Dover site as to B&B accommodation. Very poor

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