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Tasmania has a fascinating and sometimes scandalous history – the kind that lends itself to whispers of hauntings, ghouls and ghostly occurrences.

Due to Tasmania's extensive heritage and convict past, there are plenty of spooky spots around the state, so if you're game why not head out on a ghost tour? These are readily available in many locations and are a truly unique experience.

Get your nerves together, grab a warm hat and jacket, and head out on one of these unforgettable adventures.

Penitentiary Chapel Ghost Tour

In Hobart, check out the ghost tour of the old Penitentiary Chapel and Criminal Courts. This is an extremely old building, which has been in operation since 1831. There was an adjacent Prisoners Barracks, so convicts would come to visit.

There are tunnels, gallows and an undoubtedly eerie atmosphere, so of course there are many tales of murders, executions and hauntings throughout. Head there for a night ghost tour and you'll leave with your spine tingling.

More of Hobart

If you want to see more of the spookier side of Hobart, then head out on a tour with Ghost Tours of Hobart and Battery Point.

Here, your guide will lead you along the path of some of Tasmania's most scandalous characters. The tour begins at Salamanca Square, and video cameras are encouraged as you may even capture some creepy happenings on screen!

Launceston hauntings

Not to be outdone, Launceston also has elements of a ghoulish past that come to light when all else is dark.

Head out at night on a Launceston City Ghost Tour for 90 minutes, where you will be taken to some haunted buildings – ghostly shapes are said to frequent in them! Hear scary stories from the past and soak up the spine-tingling atmosphere.

The paranormal at Port Arthur

Port Arthur has an extremely eerie atmosphere in the daytime, let alone once night falls. Your walk will be lit by ambient lanterns as you explore this World Heritage site.

An old convict settlement, there is plenty of history to get the hair on your neck crawling and keep you awake at night.

Your guide will tell you some of the most scary and inexplicable stories on offer from the long past of the settlement. Head through dark ruins and hallways and hear about what has happened within the walls.

The tour lasts for 90 minutes and is suitable for most people – but don't bring any young kids with you. And watch your back.

The history of Oatlands

Fielding's Tours can talk you on a walk through Oatlands, a town in Tasmania's Midlands with its own vault of historical hauntings.

Be led by candlelight as your guide discusses with you the intrigue of some of the town's former residents. Visit the old jail, courthouse, church and more for a window into the past.

In the dark at Richmond

Richmond is also touted for hauntings and the after-dark antics of some of its former residents.

Allegedly haunted areas include the graveyard, clock tower, bridge, the local jail and a cottage – and that's just a small selection of many other haunting hot spots.

So summon the courage to head out in the dark and learn about the more spine-tingling tales of Tasmania.

You'll learn a lot and have some extremely memorable experiences while you're at it. Not only that, but you'll have an amazing repertoire or scary stories to share with your friends when you get together around a fire on one dark, stormy night.

Hobart Penitentiary Tours - perhaps the glowing eyes are not ... doesn't matter

Stones corridors and places to discover

Port Arthur Ghost Tours

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  • Sydney North says:

    This is a great advert for Tasmania, being such a beautiful place with so much to see and do, people often focus on the amazing food and wine produce but oversee the heritage of the country. Thank you for reminding us, I cant wait to plan my next trip.

  • tinksnatalie says:

    I love to have a vacation in Tasmania, i have enjoyed alot in my tour and i want to come again to Tasmania. I have listen about ghost tours, this time i will try.

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