Get to know Mount William National Park

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Mount William National Park is located in Tasmania's north-east and it's an area that you'll truly want to spend some time getting to know.

There's a bit of everything to see at this location, with expansive beaches, amazing plants and trees, wonderful wildlife and more. It's an important area for conservation, as the coastal heathlands and woodlands have hundreds of various plant species, as well as the birdlife who take shelter here. It's a fantastic place to visit in spring, considering the colourful flowers which bloom all around. If you look out to the ocean, you might even be lucky enough to see a white-bellied or wedge-tailed sea eagle.

When exploring Mt William National Park you should definitely head out on a dawn or sunset walk – as this is the time much of the wildlife is most active and you may come across forester kangaroos, wombats and wallabies. Pademelons and echidnas also frequent the area, so there's a high chance you will come across some pretty cool creatures when you head out on a walk during these active times.

Snorkelling is also a fantastic activity to do in this area in the spring and summer months. If you're looking to go diving you can, but it is best done under the supervision of a qualified guide experienced in the nuances of the local waters.
It’s also a favourite camping spot for the locals, so for a few back-to-basics nights pick up a tent and basic supplies; you can gift it forward to a hostel or charity when you have finished with the gear.

You might also want to head to the historic Eddystone Point Lighthouse which is at the park's southern end. This is a significant landmark as it was built in 1889 and is still very well preserved to this day.

There is all this and more to do at the Mount William National Park so head there to get your fix of adventure or relaxation and nature.

Mt William National Park Map - Image Credit: Tasmanian National Parks Dept

The Big Ride - Image Credit: Tassie Rambler

The Roads You Will Be On

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