One of the exciting things about visiting new places is the chance to buy local produce. With the north-west being so highly-regarded for the produce of its lush fields, bays and waters, I’ve actually been a bit surprised to find how tricky it can be to get hold of things – at least right here in Stanley. Buying prepared food in a restaurant, however, is another matter and we have done extremely well in the eating out stakes!

Just back to the fresh produce, however – I do want to thank Clare and Bruce Jackson of York Town Organics for growing such wonderful rocket, baby silverbeet and mixed salad greens. I don’t know who you are, but I have said small prayers for you each time I have eaten your divine greens over the past few days. These I brought with me from Beaconsfield, and sadly have found nothing to compare in the Stanley supermarket. A foray to a major supermarket in Smithton yesterday was successful though, and finding raspberries from Dunorlan and an abundance of Pipers Vale blueberries boosted my spirits not just my anti-oxidants.

Our dinners in Stanley have been excellent – my duck at The Seaview Inn was cooked to perfection; my chicken parmigiana at The Stanley Hotel was a classic; and my octopus and chorizo salad, followed by butternut pumpkin risotto at Zanders was my very favourite style of food.

Sorry to say, I didn’t do the tourist thing at any of these dinners so there are no ‘in restaurant’ shots. I hope the pictures of a couple of exteriors, and then how we burn off the calories (pushing electric bikes up the hill to Highfield House; walking The Nut) are adequate.

Our new crew member (who we will nickname once we get underway tomorrow) arrived today and we are about to have a ‘farewell to Stanley’ cocktail party aboard E2. The Kreglinger ‘champagne’ bought at Strathlynn the other day will no doubt go down well!

The superbly maintained landmark pub, The Stanley Hotel

Excellent local octopus products are fortunately available in the shops as well as restaurants of Stanley

The very smart Zanders in Stanley

I told him not to get the bin in the photo... me, bikes, Nut

The fool on the hill, or the nut on the decide

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  • Lois Ryan says:

    G’day Brian – we are an hour out of Stanley, internet still OK, so will send pics soon. Lois

  • sally says:

    Hi Lois,
    Really enjoying your blog. So cold down south…hope its a bit better for the crews up your way.
    Have just read your reply to a comment I left. Yes, we know Michael and Glen off Great Sandy.
    We use to own the yacht when it was called Sumusilk and it has been lovely meeting up with the new owners when they brought her down from Noosa.
    Please give them a hello from us if you see them, looking forward to seeing all the boats when they come into Cygnet.
    Keep up your great photos and blog.
    Safe sailing and fair winds.
    Cheers Sally

  • BRUV says:

    great reading your blog & keeping up with cruise progress.makes good conversation @ the club.good job.cheers BRUV.

  • Brian Golland says:

    Hi there Lois, spoke to you at Tamar YC re pics that you had of Tradition sailing toward Tamar and off Tenth Island … any chance of sending one to us as we are sending news home shortly as newsletter and would love to have it. Hope you can help. Regards from Tradition.

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