Exploring the lighthouses of Tassie

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Tasmania's position to the south of Australia, means that the state is chock-a-block full of lighthouses. In days before modern advanced navigational equipment, many ships ended up in strife sailing to or from Tasmania – and many of these maritime disasters were tragically fatal. Ships were predominantly made of wood and you cannot envisage a plight more distressing than rocks and bad weather.
Tasmanian waters therefore lay claim to a disproportionate number of shipwrecks in the Australian register.

To prevent such losses of resources and life, lighthouses were built around the island and many of these remain to this day.

The Cape Bruny lighthouse is one of the more popular destinations for visitors as it is one of the oldest still operational lighthouses in Tasmania; it is also steeped in convict history as convicts were often used to assist keepers around our coastlines.

Many of Tasmania's lighthouses are extra striking due to their physical appearance. The Mersey Bluff Lighthouse near Devonport is one particularly standout lighthouse, known for looking a little like a candy cane as it is white with distinctive vertical red stripes.

A more harrowing location at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour led to one set being named the Hells Gate Lighthouses. Conditions couldn’t be any more dangerous with rough seas and rushing tides, making sailing in the area treacherous for mariners – but nowadays the location is a must-see destination for sightseeing enthusiasts.

There are lighthouses on all coasts – east, south, west and north. In fact you can use their locations as the basis for a holiday!

Bruny Island Lighthouse - Image Credit: Don Sherman Flickr

Lighthouse at the entrance to Hobart's Derwent River - The Iron pot - Image Credit: Lighthouse-dot-net-au

After large storm waves broke over the keepers' houses in early 1900's the structures seen here were removed.

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse near Devonport - image credit: Tasmaniaforeveryone-dot-com-au

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