King Island has a reputation for fine-dining, with some of the best dairy and seafood produce in the country.

And visitors are encouraged to taste the rich selection of creams and cheeses that are synonymous with the name King Island – one of the strongest brand associations in Australia.

If you prefer seafood then a short trip to the main town of Currie will not fail to disappoint even the toughest food critic, as some of the state's best known chefs serve everything from in-season crayfish to hearty meat pies. 

But great food and hospitality are not the only attractions that lead so many tourists to visit the North West of Tasmania.

The island's rocky coastline is home to more than 70 shipwreck sites – a fact that may surprise some until they come face-to-face with the strong westerly winds that sweep through the region and are affectionately referred to as the Roaring Forties.

In recent years, these sites have gained popularity among scuba divers, who get to enjoy exploring an important part of the state's marine history as well as reconnecting with nature.

Travelling to the island is made easy with regular air services from the mainland and Tasmania.

King Island Product Range on Plate

King Island grazing producing fine dairy products

Giant kelp and its byproducts are one of the main industries - it shows up in icecream and cosmetics amongst other things

Yellow Rock Beach King Island

One of the enduring visuals of the King Island brand

Currie Harbour King Island Australia

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