Enjoy remote and wild Arthur River

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What Arthur River lacks in size it certainly makes up for in beauty, with this tiny north-west coast settlement indicative of the spectacular surroundings this corner of Tasmania is known for.

While the town acts as the northern entry point to the great Western Explorer hiking track and Corinna, Arthur River also stands alone as a destination worth spending some time at during your visit to the island state.

This wild and remote location is home to lush green forests and tall eucalypts, nearby secluded beaches and of course the majestic river that runs through the region.

From here you can make your way into the Tarkine Wilderness Reserve forests or join a cruise of the river's lower reaches.

Adventure-minded travellers might be drawn to a four-wheel-drive beach and forest exploration tour, which guarantees up close and personal viewing of everything the local landscape has to offer.

Other activities visitors can enjoy include fishing, boating, canoeing and a tour of Woolnorth wind farm.

Nestled alongside the Arthur-Pieman River Protected Area, the town is an ideal base for camping, picnics and barbecues among the abundant wildlife and bird species including Tasmanian rosellas, orange-breasted parrots and wedge-tail eagles.

After a day or two of relaxation in Arthur River you can head off on the Western Explorer, an unsealed route taking you to Corinna on the Pieman River – just over 100 kilometres to the south.

Arthur River as featured in the Take the EDGE campaign by NorthWest Tasmania

Driftwood at Arthur River Beach Image Credit - Smithton Medical Centre

Arthur River on the Edge of the Tarkine Image Credit - Joe Shemish

Edge of The World at Arthur River West Coast Tasmania Image Credit - Rob Schneider

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