Diving in King Island

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You may know of the many dairy goods and products that have made King Island in Tasmania famous throughout Australia.

However, you might not be as familiar with the many great diving spots that are located off the shore of this island paradise which are quickly gaining popularity among travellers from around the world.

There are more than 70 diving havens and shipwrecks in all along the King Island coastline that cater to individuals of all ability levels.

Surfers will also find a few breaks that might take their fancy whilst there, including the well-known Red Hut Point and Porky Beach.

For those who like animals, you might want to go on one of the regular platypus tours or perhaps catch sight of a penguin or two.

Bird watching is another popular activity that is open to visitors of the island and there are 78 species to look out for.

There are also good fishing spots off the shores of Phoques Bay and Martha Lavinia, as well as many other sites.

Anyone who prefers dry land will be able to perhaps leave their partner to catch waves and head off on a rejuvenating bushwalk.

King Island Cheese

It is easy to find waterfront views in King Island


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