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Strahan. Being tied up alongside the beaut fishing boat ‘Elizabeth’ has provided us a box seat for all the comings and goings of cruise participants anchored in Strahan Harbour. Once again it’s been great to say g’day to fellow circumnavigators and hear about their exploits between The Tamar and the west coast. It also gave us the perfect opportunity to entertain the charming owner and crew of the Holger Danske, having enjoyed their hospitality some days earlier in Stanley. My worst cruising fear, however – at least in the hospitality department – was realised when I could not provide an item requested by her skipper. Such horror, no Angostura Bitters! I suppose we won’t be awarded ‘best boat in the fleet’ now… ho hum.

But all of this is unimportant when we look back at some unexpected experiences. While in Stanley and in Strahan we have been fortunate enough to catch up with a few people to whom we, or our boat has been connected. Welcoming aboard the man who provided much of the special timbers for E2, along with his wife, was a great pleasure. The owner of ‘Elizabeth’ was also interested in coming aboard when he found out that E2 was previously the Kemway Star. The same evening, one of the Holger Danske crew sat having a beer on the back deck, and it took me a while to convince him he was on the old Kemway Star.

And now we’ve got the mud maps for the Gordon River, we’re off to explore one of the reasons why Strahan attracts so many visitors. As we do, we will thank Senator Brown and all the other campaigners who put so much effort into preserving this magnificent wilderness. Thank you.

E2 tied up alongside FV Elizabeth

Mrs Cruise Commodore returns from the shops

More cruisers tie up to spend money in Strahan

The dinghies have their own get-together and don’t want to go home

The Taratibu crew set off back to their vessel

Oh, and another fish – no need to know the identity of either man or fish

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