Seeing a new place by getting around on your own steam, such as by walking or cycling, is always a rewarding activity. Not only do you get to discover a new destination and experience it intimately, you also get a sense of achievement and personal development for the sweat you've put in to it.

Tasmania is known as a great destination for walking and hiking, but did you also know it's a cyclist's dream, too?

The island state is perfect for cycling, with diverse scenery offering new views around each bend. Tasmania is compact, so even one shorter cycle route will treat you to more than just one kind of landscape.

It's also a great way to travel at your own pace. While some hill sections might be challenging, they never go on too long and you'll be on the downhill slope at any minute! Tasmania's low volume of traffic also means that you'll never feel crowded out by cars.

Decide whether you'd like to tackle a challenging, high-speed mountain descent, or if you'd rather use cycling as your mechanism to see and experience delicious food and wine and heritage sites.  A cycle along the Heritage Highway could be a rewarding cultural experience.

On the other hand, you might want to take in breathtaking sea views along a coastal cycling excursion. Stop at your leisure at beautiful beaches and go on the hunt for the coastline's unique wildlife.

If you wish to descend into wilderness from a rural environment with one of our most notable waterfalls along the way, then a trip into the Derwent Valley and on to Lake Pedder will put you at the heart of our island.

Head out in a group of your own choosing or, if you like, join up with a cycling tour operator.

Don't worry about bringing your own bike to the island. Bike, helmet and accessory hire are available from many outlets across the island. Don't be afraid to ask the staff their favourite route or recommendation!

Nine Mile Beach Tasmania - one of the fabulous pieces of coastline on the East Coast

Riding down from Mt Wellington past the Cascade Brewery - Image Credit: Dave Cauldwell AAP

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