Port Davey, Day 27, 14th March….. Having spent some time in search of, and in vain, for Critchley Parker’s grave when we visited Port Davey two years ago we vowed to make a second attempt. His story is tragic, but too long to tell in my blog. What I would recommend though, for Critchley’s tale and all information about Port Davey is the excellent guide, map and DVD provided by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. The only thing a bit wrong in the guide is the exact location of Critchley’s grave, but we left some stones on the beach which we hope will indicate the path, and help reduce the number of people who step elsewhere on the slopes of Parker Bay.

In addition to the extraordinary landscape and marine life of Port Davey, with bay whaling, pining, fishing and mining all part of the European history, there are also wonderful stories of pioneering blokes and their amazing wives.

I will be sad to again leave this remarkable place.

Looking, looking, looking.....

Here it is, Critchley Parker's grave

A cuppa with the Dineens after successful foray

A very short walk from Clayton's Jetty....

... is Win and Clyde Clayton's house. One of the crew aboard the Holger Danske, who has a long association with the house spent time on maintenance during our stay

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