Confronting Tasmania’s Devils

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Tasmania is an absolute haven for some of Australia's most wonderful wildlife. Animal lovers will be delighted at the amount of opportunities there are to get up close and personal with some of the world's most fascinating – sometimes cuddly, sometimes not – creatures.

You must have heard of the Tasmanian devil. Well, true to its name this animal is only found in Tas, and is likely most famous from its representation in the Looney Tunes television show. The carnivorous animal is stocky, muscular, furry and loud, known for its ferocious bites, its speed and endurance.

It might sound a bit scary, but this unique creature is a must-see for true animal enthusiasts. There are a number of tours that can provide you with the Tasmanian Devil experience.

Head to Devils@Cradle – a conservation facility which looks after some little Devils – as well as the Easter and Spotted tail Quoll, right near the beautiful World Heritage site, Cradle Mountain National Park.

Visitors can be taken on a tour to get a close-up view of the animals, and learn more about their lives, as well as threats to the species.

A 'Dinner with the Devil' experience on Kings Run, South of Marrawah, offers visitors the opportunity to see a Devil feeding on a carcass in the natural environment – something that diehard Tassie fans are bound to find fascinating. It will be a truly new and different experience because the Devils make interesting – and sometimes startling – sounds and display some unique behaviour while they feed.

Not only that, but you'll also be able to spot wallabies, bandicoots and quolls, and be treated to the beautiful scenery of the area.

So head to Tassie to check out the Tasmanian Devil and rest of the wildlife that this island has to offer.

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