Can we go round again?

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Hobart. Yes, the round Tasmania cruise, at least for those of us aboard Emeritus 2 is at an end. We awoke to a perfect morning at Recherche, and I found myself wondering why on earth the French ever left Tasmania. Somebody said they had work to get back to as well, but I don’t think that’s right somehow….

Before heading up to Alexanders for our final night aboard we took a walk up Cockle Creek and then said our good-byes to other circumnavigators.

In the very calm waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, I began the lengthy but satisfying task of packing up and cleaning the boat. By the time we reached Alexanders – one of my favourite places in the whole world – it was time for all of us to spend the evening in quiet contemplation. We went to bed happily and slept soundly, even though the next day we knew our adventure would be over.

I really didn’t want to leave the boat – after all the places she had taken us, whenever we asked her to, and in any conditions. The only thing to do is plan the next cruise, but in the meantime here endeth the blog….

A final farewell to other circumnavigators

A quiet time, just writing up the log

A quiet time, just having a beer and a fish

The sun goes down at Alexanders and on our circumnavigation

Next day I found the vegie patch had given birth to giant twin zucchini!

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  • Chris Mercer says:

    Hi Nick,

    Glad to see you arrived safely back in Hobart after your circumnavigation of Tasmania. Hope you enjoyed your time as much as we did on our ‘circumnavigation’. It really is a wonderful place and you need at least 6 weeks to appreciate it.

    James is looking forward to getting in touch again.

    Loved the blog Lois


  • BRUV says:

    thanks for great read,now you would be familiar with the saying-what happens on the boat,stays on the boat.thanks again.bruv.

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