There is a world of discovery awaiting you in Tasmania, but in order to be swept off your feet you have to know where to look. Among one of the more popular destinations close to the capital of Hobart and just a short drive from the Huon Valley is Bruny Island.

Getting to this remote wildlife hub is a journey in itself, with most people keen to rise early to catch the car ferry from the small town of Kettering to Bruny Island.

When you make it to Bruny Island, you will want to taste the region’s gourmet fine foods including oysters, cheese, wine, berries and gooey fudge that is sure to have you asking for seconds.
After a hearty meal, it is time to put on your exploring hat and head out around this must-see destination.

Take a cruise – high sea cliffs from Adventure Bay are a feature of the Bruny Island Cruise, as is the rich variety of marine life, and the experience of being ‘out’ on the edge of the great southern ocean including the point at which it meets the Tasman Sea.
(Cruises also depart from the city if you don’t want to drive).

The island is 105 kilometres long – about the size of Singapore, with a LOT less people, so if walking is what you want to do, you can cover all the coastal and inland walks in two to three days.

Must see attractions to walk are the Spit (the photo you see in all the publicity shots – check out DiscoverTasmania’s facebook page – and lighthouse.
Staying over is also a good idea, as you don’t have to rush to meet the ferry. There are some great lodges and retreats, back packers and camping.

In fact Bruny has a whole lot of great things to experience. It’s that sort of place.

the lighthouse spiral staircase image credit brunyisland life

Amazing Beach on Bruny Island

OK-Bruny-Island-travel article  image credit madetasmania-dot-com

Bruny Island Ferry The Mirambeena

Bruny Island

The Bruny Island Monument Rock - you cruise through the gap with Bruny Island Cruises

Spot a white wallaby with Bruny Island Safaris

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