Backpacker Magazine ‘Road Tests’ in Tasmania

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BACKPACKER (USA) is known for the most rigorous, authoritative gear tests in the business. Have you ever wondered what really goes on during staff testing trips? After travelling 30 hours across the world, their crew is headed to the Tasmanian outback and over the next week 29 October – 3 November (AEST) will put a huge crop of gear for the ‘Spring 2013 Gear Guide’ through its final paces. They’ll be climbing peaks, haul 50 pound packs, camp in the bush, and likely get hit with some challenging weather in Tasmania’s outback. Some gear will make it to the top of the list, others will sink to the bottom, and some will incite rousing debates about what deserves their coveted Editors’ Choice Awards.

Each day the team, equipped with DeLorme inReach satellite communicators, will post play-by-play commentary on how they test, what they love, what they hate, what they see (Tasmanian Devils?), and what they learn along the way. Hopefully the difference between a Tassie Devil and a Wombat! LOL

(Note: Because of the global satellites they will be limited to 160-character text messages, so posts will be succinct.)

Follow them on their journey and ask questions by going to Jon’s MapShare page:

From there – expand the Users List and select Kristin or Jon then press the Message button to send your questions. Responses will be made as quickly as they can in real time. It’s not quite as good as being there with them, but it’s the next best thing!

Follow on Twitter too: @BackpackerMag

The BackpackerMag crew are not joking about trekking and testing in the 'wilds' of Tasmania

backpacker magazine logo strip

Cover Shots of Previous Gear Guides from BackPacker Magazines

Nancy (L) and Kristin (R) atop Mt Jerusalem in Tasmania's Central Highlands

The whole team from Tasmanian Expeditions and BackPacker Magazine USA atop King David's Peak in Tasmania's Central Highlands

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