Strahan – heading for Kelly Basin (the same person after whom Kelly’s Steps are named in Salamanca, Hobart – clearly he got around a bit…but no time for history lessons now). Due to our boating schedule, and our social commitments (that sharing of vital cruise information I have mentioned a couple of times previously), I have not yet posted anything about our brief but very pleasurable sojourn at Three Hummock Island. Get out your maps again, or Google it and you will find exceptional images on the website. My photos do not do it justice.

The ‘homestead’ accommodation is managed by Beverley and John O’Brien who are the only other residents on the island. It must be a wonderful life, although Bev did tell me that many of her friends just can’t understand how they do it. Fortunately they have internet access and Bev makes the most of social networking sites, and has her own blog to keep her occupied if there is no laundry to do.

John is mad keen about the island, and although the idea is that guests can feel as though they have the place to themselves, Bev and John are so warm and welcoming that it would be a disgrace not to catch up with them while staying.

A few of the VDLC boats were around at Coulomb Bay, and we anchored with about ten others at Spiers Nook. In the time they have been on the island Bev said they had never seen so many boats. Perky called an impromptu barbeque on the beach and it was terrific to have John and Bev as ‘our guests’ on ‘their island’. Mind you, Bev brought along some zucchini slice, made freshly from her vegie garden that I had been enviously eyeing up on her blog on our way to the island. I wish I’d taken her up on the offer to have some fresh greens – the shopping for fresh produce at Strahan has again been a bit disappointing.

Well, I could clearly blather on a lot about Three Hummock, but will finish with the perhaps overly-expressive words of one Giuseppe Garibaldi, the famous uniter of Italy, who landed on the island in 1852: “O desert island of the Hunter Group – how many times have you pleasantly excited my imagination. When tired of this civilized society, so full of tyrants and gendarmes, I have often transported myself in my imagination into your gracious bosom.” I bet he would be a keen blogger if he were alive today….

Three Hummock Island hosts, Bev and John O’Brien

VDLC boats at Spiers Nook

Real men row ashore

Catching up on the cruise gossip

John investigates a cave on the beach

Me with Cap’n Roger

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  • sally says:

    As usual great writing and pics. Looking forward to next update.

  • Tony Trumble says:

    My goodness me, looks like Richard wants to win, he’ll go aground he’s so far up the river ! Thank you for your enjoyable commentary.

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