‘APPiness’ on the Heritage Highway

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Tasmania’s Midlands Highway is for many people – and certainly ‘commuting locals’ – often a two and a half hour journey between Hobart and Launceston; with perhaps a coffee break in Campbell Town.

For a business journey that is fine. But the ‘highway’ is so much more!

The Heritage Highway draws its present charm from a distinctly functional past; of farming and toil, of early transport and stage coaches … where each township meant a change of horses, a refreshment stop or an overnight. How easy the journey is now.

And that is a clue to touring The Heritage Highway. It is jam-packed with history, the opportunity to delve down, and in that mode is worthy of a most enjoyable and rewarding multi-day journey.

Best yet there is an APP which is downloadable for iPhone/iPad and also for Android phones and tablets.

This comprehensive guide to your journey lists where to stay, what is on, and what is near. Yes, being GEO aware it will uncover for you all the things you didn’t know. Add in ATM’s, recreation facilities and suggested stops, this is an invaluable aid to the brochure raid you may have done before setting out on your trip. On an ever changing rotation there are offers (coupons) imbedded in the application too. All this is FREE.

Dismiss going fast. Slow down and explore history and heritage. A rural and colonial past, convicts and cruelty, grand homesteads and gardens; Nowadays a tapestry of enjoyment, which is for slow consumption.

Want to see videos of the towns along the Heritage Highway? Check them out here for Avoca, Campbell Town, Ross, Northern Midlands Heritage Trail, Oatlands and Longford.

Screen shot of the Heritage Highway Smartphone-Tablet App

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