All-terrain exploration in Tasmania

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Do you love the feeling of getting off the beaten track, exploring something new and unique?

With the thrill that comes with exploring, it's no wonder so many of us love to head out to an intrepid location and immerse ourselves in adventure.

Tasmania, a land of varied scenery and plenty of natural beauty, is the perfect location for a spot of all-terrain driving.

If you're a confident driver and have a licence, then why not give this exciting experience a go?

You can find places to all-terrain drive yourself, but always make sure it's a designated area and that you have permission to be where you're going!

But if you want the security of experts in the area, then you might want to embark upon a group tour in conjunction with a commercial operator.

In Tasmania, the options are endless. There are deserted beaches, undulating sand dunes and forest tracks providing huge variety to your experience. Try your hand at areas near Strahan on the west coast or near Freycinet National Park.

If you want to get even more adventurous, you can consider a quad bike tour. Not only are these a great way to explore as they allow you to get up close and personal with nature, they add even more to the thrill of the experience with their rumbling engines and exposed driver's seat.

Why not get further off the beaten track and explore somewhere like Flinders Island via quad bike?

You will be the envy of all your adventurous friends. Just remember, always be safe and sensible. The combination of nature and these vehicles can be extremely powerful, so don't push the limits too much!

Image Credit – Flinders Island Quad Bike Tours

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