Abseil in Tasmania for a unique adventure

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As Australia's most mountainous state, abseiling in Tasmania is difficult to beat.

Even the most experienced outdoor adventurers are bound to be impressed by some of the amazing and diverse landscapes that inhabit this beautiful part of the world.

From coast to coast, Tasmania abounds with natural highlights worth exploring, climbing, descending and photographing.

The gorges and crags of the island state are some of the most spectacular in the world and offer abseiling and rappelling opportunities that will challenge and excite people of all levels.

You can either head out on your own or hire a qualified instructor – either way it is guaranteed to be a fantastic day out.

Skilled guides have been conquering these cliffs for years and offer a wide range of abseiling adventures in stunning locations across the island.

Popular natural locations include Mount Wellington's Organ Pipes which tower over Hobart, White Water Wall and the Hazards at Freycinet, the cliffs of Cataract Gorge in Launceston, the truly spectacular sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula – which tower 300m above the ocean. Repeat 300m!

For the utmost in adventure the man made Gordon Dam abseil is the world’s highest commercial descent – 150m/450 feet!
All of these locations have two words associated with them: heart pumping! ARGHHHHH!

If you're tentative about testing your skills outside early on, it might be a good idea to warm up at one of the great indoor climbing gyms found in Hobart or Launceston. These are ideal venues for meeting local climbers and other beginners who may wish to join you on a visit to the local crags. 

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