If you want to head out on a rewarding wander in Tasmania, a walk to Montezuma Falls is a local favourite for those who like to take a leisurely stroll in a naturally enchanting area.

The Montezuma Falls are located on Tasmania's west coast near the mining town of Rosebery. These falls are Tasmania's highest, stretching up for 104 metres – so it pays to bring a camera and prepare to be wowed.

All up, the walk is a three hour return trip and the track is fairly even and easy to complete for most levels of fitness.

Lovers of birds and wildlife will enjoy the variety of trees that can be found here including sassafras, leatherwood, myrtle and fern, with white's thrushes tweeting and hopping along the path as you walk.

The area is also a hotspot of history, as in the 1890s a nearby silver mining company was formed on Mount Dunas and a tramway ran nearby providing access to the mining sites. Then, the creek below the Montezuma Falls was adorned with a huge wooden trestle bridge – something that now lies scattered in occasional pieces of remains, providing the area with a slightly eerie atmosphere. 

Be sure to take some time to explore the nearby town of Rosebery as well, which has comfort facilities if you have been on the road, picnic areas and shops for your convenience. Through its history the mining community has not only given out silver, but also gold, lead and copper here. You can even take an underground tour of Pasminco Mine – but this isn't for any claustrophobes out there!

Enjoy your wander along the Montezuma Falls as you're sure to come back with great memories and tales to tell. Best yet there are hundreds of other waterfalls to explore in Tasmania.

Montezuma Falls West Coast Tasmania near Rosebery - Image Credit:,

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