Location: off the north coast of Tasmania, between Devonport and Stanley.

Last night was the cruise dinner at the Tamar Yacht Club. Not only a celebratory event, but a chance for crews who have joined from Geelong to also get to know their circumnavigating comrades. Many of the participants in the cruise have done it all before, some many times. But every cruise there are new people who come along to experience this very special event.

What’s really fascinating is the diversity of the participants. Where they are from, what they do for a living, and how they use their boat. At our table last night, for example, we had Sven and Jola who have been on board the 65ft Dana Felicia for many years, cruising the world. Also an ex-New Yorker, now Tasmanian (via Melbourne and many other places) and his wife who was Tasmanian yachtswoman of the year in 2009. Cruise stalwarts (read most hard-working Committee Members and world sailors) Jeremy and Penny, who not only prepare the invaluable Cruise Manual, but take on the role of Radio Relay Vessel during the trip. And a cinematographer and a lawyer, from Sydney. Plus of course the two of us. Me an ex-Pom now Tasmanian via Sydney and my loving husband – born in Broken Hill, NSW, and who has covered many ocean miles aboard a variety of yachts. Somehow I managed not to take a photo of our own table. Maybe because I was having too much fun!

It’s great to be underway again, and although our trusty crew have gone back to the real world, we will pick up our next ship-mates in Stanley. There I’m sure I will also continue to find fresh, nutritious vegetables, and plenty of fish. This is important since “The Fisherman” and his tuna-catching rod and lure have now gone home. We miss you already and hope the cracked rib gets better soon!

Radio operator extraordinaire, Bryn of Coastguard Tamar radio

The blue cruise polos were out in force

Again, the sharing of more vital cruise information

Tamar Yacht Club did a great job for a big hungry crowd

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