A fair wind and a following sea

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Day 6, and we are eating up some miles, heading up the east coast of Tasmania for Binalong Bay. In total it will be a 10.5 hour passage, having loitered temporarily at Wineglass to oil a squeaky anchor chain roller and clean our third fish. Another beauty, thanks Tolly.

Late yesterday the skipper and I got ashore for a brief look at Mayfield Bay, but by the time we got back it was too windy for the second shore party to take a trip. A pity, as the boat had been spotted by friends of theirs from Queensland who happened to be parked at the nearby camping area, and had given them a call.

Today has been glorious. Everybody is relaxed, and we’re happy to spend our time watching sea eagles, dolphins, diving-petrels, and keeping our eye on other boats in the fleet.

The dolphins make us all smile, they seem to radiate happiness. I tried my best to take a half-decent photo of them, and even read the manual for my camera to discover a ‘burst’ setting. Next time I buy a camera it’s going to have a proper old-fashioned view-finder, not just the massive great black screen that I can only see myself in on a sunny day! And maybe a telephoto lens too…

Barometer – rising steadily, hurrah
Grumpometer – no signal, hurrah
Tripometer – 75 miles by the time we reach Binnalong

The one I love and who makes all this possible

Emeritus 2

Touched 10.2 knots as we shot through Schouten

Dolphin magic

Just having fun alongside the bow

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  • Peter Bowen and Kate Jones says:

    Nick and Lois
    We loved the blog. We are envious of your trip and would love to be close by.
    Peter and Kate

  • Richard Murdoch says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just spent a most enjoyable few minutes reading my first ever bolg (well done Lois) and feeling very envious.
    Great to be back from a mad week running around Europe. Just received news that the New Norfolk cruise has been postponed this weekend due to bridge problems. Hopefully we can enjoy the New Norfolk cruise with you both when the VDL cruise is over.
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    By the way visited Monfalcone and the Tangaroa is looking good!

  • Helve says:

    Not bad photos for a camera without a viewfinder!!!!! Happy cruising!

  • Gail says:

    Just caught up with your blog Lois. What a wonderful trip you are having! Love the photos – the dolphins came to wish you all safe journey.

  • Anna says:

    Loving your blog Auntie Lou, and the fantastic photos! Keep up the good work! xxx

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