Essence of Tasmania Short Film Competition

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Film festivals start out modestly. When Tourism Tasmania partnered with The Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival organisers to hold its Short Film Competition ‘Essence of Tasmania’, it was mindful that Tropfest had attracted around 9 entries in its inaugural year.

Opening just before Christmas 2011 entries poured in and when the competition closed in April 2012, film makers from across the nation and internationally had submitted over 20 entries!

How would ‘The Essence of Tasmania’ be expressed? The judging panel faced a formidable task in identifying the winners and commended entries as they sat through the judging process in early May.

Tourism Tasmania’s aim was to attract a selection of 3 minute shorts from innovative film makers which could be shown and adapted for promotion of the destination. The Film Festival wanted to load its catalogue for the upcoming year and to curate them as a set of short films for the festival in November 2012.

All the entries exceeded expectations. There was scenery, poetry, documentary, whimsy, persuasive declaration and a common thread of unique expression about Australia’s island state.

The joint winners announced on 13th June by Minister for Tourism Scott Bacon MP were:
The Grim Experience – Andrew Quaile
Best Kept Secret – David Pyefinch
Nick Stranger: A Portrait of Tasmanian Surfing – Simon Treweek

Commended Films were:
Mr Thomkins’ Pies – David Broadfield
My Tasmania – Saige Dingemanse
The Tigers – Tristan Klein
Heaven of Spirituality Home of Peace – Shung Yiu Wong

The competition was aided by generous sponsorship from Audio Network Australia, which provided free use of Audio Network music for entrants into the competition.

Scene from 'Best Kept Secret' a joint winner in Essence of Tasmania Competition 2012

Wave Power from 'Nick Stranger: A Portrait of Tasmanian Surfing' a joint winner in Essence of Tasmania Competition 2012

Scene from 'The Grim Experience' a joint winner in Essence of Tasmania Competition 2012

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