Wildlife viewing in Port Sorell

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Tasmania is haven to lots of native Australian wildlife, with animals such as wombats, platypus, Bennetts wallabies and – of course – Tasmanian devils all calling this island home.

If you're organising a wildlife trip around Tasmania, then Port Sorell should be one of your first ports of call.

The quiet seaside town of Port Sorell is located 117km north of Launceston and is a location noted for its prime wildlife viewing opportunities.

Make sure to pack your best hiking boots and a camera for your trip to Narawntapu National Park (formerly known as Asbestos Range National Park).

The story behind its strange former name was linked to small quantities of asbestos, as well as other minerals, once being mined in areas beyond the Asbestos Range, but never actually in the range itself!

One good reason to opt for the original and far more interesting Aborginal name Narawntapu instead.

You'll be sure to get your animal-spotting fix here with Forester kangaroos, wombats, Bennetts wallabies and common wombats some of the wildlife going about their daily life in the park. If you're lucky enough, you may even spot a Tassie devil although their usual haunts call for far more cover!

Some other animals you may spot include spotted-tail and eastern quolls, brown and eastern barred bandicoots, potoroos, Tasmanian pademelons, mountain dragons, tiger snakes (in warmer months – and with care), as well as numerous species of bird.

Apart from the wildlife exploration, you can also head on bush walks, picnic or camp at Narawntapu.

During the day make sure to stop into the visitor centre, with interpretive displays, full picnic and toilet facilities found at Springlawn, the main park entrance.

There are also picnic facilities found at Badger Head and Bakers Point.

You can embark on a number of short walks (under two hours) such as the Bird Hide Walk, Fire Trail Walks, Archers Knob and Springlawn Lagoon Circuit Walk.

The lagoons and wide open spaces of the park - image credit: exploreaustralia

Wombat spotted from Archers Knob lookout

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