Viva Las Vegas Spectacular takes centre stage

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Viva Las Vegas is still an iconic American film and while Elvis Presley and Ann Margret may not have starred in many movies since, it is still regarded as one of the King’s best moments on-screen.

And the title of this film, as well as the period in time it was set has been used as the basis for a modern-day adaptation of rock and roll as it was known in the 1960s.

So with this in mind, it is little wonder that music fans and anyone with a soft spot for the City of Bright Lights is lining up to buy tickets to see the Viva Las Vegas Spectacular.

Along with celebrity impersonator Rick Charles, you can bust out the songs of Tom Jones, Elvis Presley and more.

You will also get to sit back and enjoy that amazing choreography of the Vegas Showgirls.

With costumes that would make Cher envious, the dancers are preparing to razzle and dazzle their way through the show’s set pieces in Hobart.

It wouldn’t be Vegas without an illusionist to entertain you with the latest tricks, which is why Magic2 will be on hand for the evening.

But that’s not all, you will get to take part in this spellbinding journey for a full 90 minutes and feel as if you are reliving another time.

So put on your best feather boa and get ready for a fantastic night out with friends at the Viva Las Vegas Spectacular, which is on show at Theatre Royal in Hobart this August.

For those who are interested in attending Viva Las Vegas Spectacular, you can contact the Theatre Royal for ticket prices or visit their website.

The show will be on for one night only on August 17 and doors open at 20.00.

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