Visiting Seahorse World

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Seahorse World is a truly unique aquarium that is suitable for anyone with a passion for one the ocean’s most fascinating inhabitants.

Featuring a touch pool, behind the scenes look at seahorse farming practices and a variety of sea creatures in the Wonders of the Southern Ocean Aquarium, a trip to Seahorse World really is an unforgettable experience.

You will also learn some interesting facts that are sure to come in handy at your next trivia night. For example, how many people know that seahorses have what’s known as “prehensile tails” – which means they can grip onto almost anything in much the same way as a monkey?

Or the fact that seahorses regularly change colour with the help of special organs in the skin that can be expanded or contracted to display different hues?

Mums will surely be impressed by the male seahorses’ ability to take on responsibility for carrying the fertilised egg in his pouch, taking on the weight of the gestational period.

However, you can learn about all this and more when you go on your own tour of the aquarium and see these fascinating creatures up close.

For those who have to been to the underwater museum before, there are a few beginners’ tips that might help you to better organise your visit.

It is always a good idea to book ahead to ensure that there are places available for the many guided tours that are on offer almost hourly.

Admission prices for adults start at $20, while children between the ages of four to 16 can enter for $9 and concessions are $18. You may want to take advantage of the family pass for $50 if you are travelling in a group of two adults with children.

Seahorse World is located at Shed 1A, Inspection Head Wharf, Flinders Street, Beauty Point.

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