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There's nothing like an afternoon spent at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart, so be sure to include it on your Tasmanian itinerary. 

These beautiful, landscaped grounds are home to a number of gorgeous and fascinating plants and trees, with some even dating back to the nineteenth century.

It's also a hub of conservation, history and heritage. Before Europeans arrived in Tasmania, the area was occupied by Aboriginal tribes and it is not hard to see why they chose this amongst others – easy access to the nearby river, sloping high ground and shelter spots.

Visitors are also able to explore the island's convict heritage at the gardens, with two walls built by Tasmania's prisoners from another time.

Then, of course, there are the gardens themselves. In particular, there are a number of themed areas that are a delight to visit.

The Japanese Garden, for example, was designed by Kanjiro Harada, a landscape architect from Yaizu in Japan, while the Chinese Collection showcases the local culture with the artistic use of rocks and traditional gardening practice.

There's also the Lily Pond, which was formed in 1840 in a true show of the Garden's longevity and enduring popularity.

Be sure not to miss the sub-Antarctic Plant House, which is inside a small, climate-controlled building. It's a collection of sub-Antarctic plants unique to the world, which would not be able to survive without man-made fogs and mists that mimic their natural environment.

This is just a sample of the many lush areas on show. Head to the gardens anytime, as they are open seven days a week year-round, including Christmas day. Explore the various sections and finish off your day by relaxing with a snack at the Botanical Gardens Restaurant.

Check out the calendar of events for the gardens too, as there are often other displays, open air theatre and song. Their facebook page is always a great place to start out before arrival.

Gardens and the entrance to the succulent house - image credit: RTBG facebook

Japanese Gardens at the Botanical Gardens - image credit: RTBG facebook

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