Unique coffee stop at Tunnel Vision Hobart

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Do you love a good cup of mocha in the morning to kickstart your day? Well if you're staying or planning on visiting Tasmania's capital, then why not check out the coffees on offer at Tunnel Vision in Hobart.

Described on its Facebook page as a "little place in a beautiful space for the human race at a Hobart pace", you will find that Tunnel Vision isn't just any ordinary coffee shop.

Tucked away in the Rose Garden tunnel at the Fountain Roundabout, Tunnel Vision is a great little setting to sip on chai, bite into a toasted sandwich and take a seat amongst the mismatched couch cushions and plastic crates.

"I say hello to people from 100 walks of life who walk past and 95 per cent say hello back," Tunnel Vision creator David Osborne told The Mercury .

Mr Osborne has 20 years' hospitality experience, operating ventures in Melbourne and Perth, as well as North Hobart's cake shop just recently, Sweet Envy.

Tunnel Vision is open Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 13:30, so you can pick up your early morning coffee fix or pop on by for some lunch!

The Pig In Mash jaffle is a tasty delight that you must try in your visit, made with crispy bacon, creamy potato and mozzarella mash and a handful of spinach and egg – it's sure to get your taste buds buzzing!

Tunnel life - barista, chef, the micro, the fridge and happy clients

Art on of the tunnel wall

Tunnel location

The menu and great prices

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