‘Total Chocolate’ Experience

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A new addition to a total chocolate experience is being planned for rural Tasmania as part of a national initiative to boost tourism in rural regions.
The House of Anvers, which is situated in Latrobe, north-west Tasmania, is open seven days a week and promises visitors a “total chocolate experience”.

Set in a historic property dating back to 1931, the House of Anvers was formerly known as Wyndarra Lodge and visitors will find an incredible collection of trees from around the world in its 1.12 hectares of gardens.

Now, new grant funding has been announced to support the construction of the House of Anvers multi-purpose conservatory and chocolate experience.
The developments at the House of Anvers are set to increase the length of visitor stays in the region and enable more holidaymakers to experience the new facilities.

A huge range of fine confectionery is produced onsite – including truffles, fudges, pralines and chocolates – and organised tours can be booked in advance. Chocolate has been produced in the Belgian style at the House of Anvers since 1989.

Visitors to the confectionery can also make chocolate purchases at the House of Anvers retail shop – and can even order their favourite chocolate indulgences online after their visit.

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