This Is What I Do showcases the work of seven Australian artists with a passion for video and self-broadcast aesthetics.

Contemporary video artists Tim Woodward, Matt Dabrowski, Richard Grayson, Matthew Bradley, Andrew Harper, Danius Kesminas and Michael Stevenson will present a range of audio-visual materials that are said to take their inspiration from early video art, community television and video sharing sites such as YouTube.

It is this combination of high and low art that organisers hope will strike a cord with visitors to the March 23 to April 29 exhibition, as well as open a discussion about the impact digital technology has on the way we interpret and engage with the world around us.

Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST) curator and art critic Wes Hill described the upcoming display as the coming together of different genres and people in a new, often online, forum that values both professional and DIY video.

"I hope to highlight an historical lineage between digital culture, community television and pioneering video artists such as William Wegman and Andy Warhol – centred on the simple function of video as a tool for broadcasting figures and events," he explained.

The installation takes a closer look at the ubiquitous nature of self-produced content and the different ways modern technology helps individuals to share videos with relative ease. It also examines the emerging popularity of user-generated web sites that take art into the living room and away from the influence or control of critics.

This exhibition is in many ways a celebration of video, but there is also a warning for consumers and artists alike about the pace of change in today's technology driven society.

CAST is a not for profit organisation that regularly showcases the works of established and up-and-coming Tasmanian Artists from its studio in North Hobart. The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 17.00.

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