The low down on Tasmanian wildlife

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When many people think of Tasmania, one of the first – or maybe even the only – thing that comes to mind is the cartoon character the Tasmanian Devil.

Fair enough too, because this fierce little carnivorous creatures is an incredibly treasured part of the island's heritage, and locals and visitors alike love to come across them. However, there are many other intriguing creatures located in Tasmania that are worth your time as well.

There are many ways you can see the wildlife for yourself in Tassie. Many tourists like to join tours that can show them all the best animals that the state has to offer, while others love to indulge in self-directed exploration initiatives. Whatever your preferred method of wildlife watching, you are sure to have a ball.

The darling devils themselves

Tassie Devils actually have a cute and innocent appearance, which is only challenged if they bare their teeth and reveal the power behind their adorable faces.

See a Tassie Devil for yourself in person at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park located near the historic area of Port Arthur.

You can also get a close-up glimpse of these creatures at Devils @ Cradle which, with the stunning backdrop of Cradle Mountain, allows you to see this animal up close either in a day or night time setting.

However, you don't always need to go to a guided centre to catch a glimpse of a Devil. If you are hiking or camping in one of the many national parks in the state, you may come across one, most commonly at dusk or dawn when these animals are at their most active. Check out Mount William National Park or the forested areas of the South West National Park as these are locations known for Tassie Devil sightings. Fingers crossed!

The wonderful wombats

Wombats are one of Australia's treasures, and these are found freely throughout Tasmania. If you are wandering near Cradle Mountain, the Overlamd Track or the Walls of Jerusalem National Park and Narawntapu among a few others, it's likely you'll stumble upon one of these cute critters.

A playful platypus

Have you ever seen a platypus in the flesh? Well, it might be high time for you to get a look at one, and this can take place at a number of locations. Perhaps you might want to head out to the Gunns Plains Cave, an underground world filled with glow worms, lobsters and the odd platypus.

Mount Field National Park is also home to some platypi, as is the Franklin-Gordon Rivers National Park and the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Meet some kool kangaroos

Kangaroos are an Aussie classic and no wildlife-themed excursion is complete without a sighting of one. These can be found at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, Maria Island National Park, Mount William National Park and Narawntapu National Park. Don't leave Tasmania until you have seen one of these hopping creatures up close.

Wandering wallabies

Yet another Australian classic, wallabies can definitely be spotted around the state. Maria Island National Park, Freycinet National Park, Mt William National Park and Walls of Jerusalem National Park are home to this leisurely cute critter.

Bountiful birds in Tas

Tasmania also has an abundance of beautiful birds, so you'll always hear sweet tweeting coming from overhead. Ornithologists love grabbing their binoculars and checking out the amazing bird life found on the island.

Are there any other amazing Australian animals in Tasmania that you think we have missed? Which unique creature would you like to see the most? List your favourites!

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