The distinct beauty of The Nut is on show in Stanley

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The Tasmanian landscape is internationally renowned for its awe inspiring national parks and waterways and there is no better example of its uniqueness than The Nut, a large flat-topped headland that forms the shape of a circle jutting out from nearby pristine waters of Stanley.

Driving westwards along the island state's picturesque north coast, visitors approach the historic small town and are increasingly impressed by its stunning natural feature.

The sheer-sided bluff is all that remains of an ancient volcanic plug, providing a chance to witness a distinct formation up close.

You can either climb to the summit via a walking track or take the chairlift – either way you will enjoy spectacular views across Bass Strait beaches and the quaint town below.

Stanley is also an ideal location to base yourself for tours of the region and whether you choose to stay at the excellent campground or in a boutique hotel, the forests and coastlines to the west are readily available by car.

Local operators can take you on an exciting observation tour to spot penguins, seals and other wildlife frequently seen in Tasmania.

It is also possible to visit Highfield House – the stylish 1830s home built for the managers of the Van Diemen's Land Company – to gain a greater understanding for the lives of people who once inhabited this remote and scenic region.

The Nut Image Credit: SporlederArt

Ruins at Highfield Image Credit: SporlederArt

Stnaley Township with quaint cottages and retail/food outlets Image Credit: SporlederArt

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