The beauty of Wineglass Bay

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For those who enjoy a beautiful, tranquil beach, you can't get much better than Wineglass Bay. Often rated among the top ten beaches in the world, this stunning bay is worth more than just a quick visit.

So what's so great about this destination?

It's more than just some beautiful white sand and clear water – although it certainly ticks both those boxes.

Just over two and half hours drive from Hobart, the surrounding scenery is breathtaking, with a walk up a hill providing a picture-perfect vista and a fantastic photo opportunity. Don't think you'll make it up and down this hill in five minutes, though – it's a good 45 minutes uphill! But it's absolutely worth the feeling you get when you make it to the summit, walk down to the lookout and survey in awe of what's around you.

As well as this, you'll get a view of the amazing 'Hazards'. These are a unique natural formation of pink granite peaks that are sure to make a lasting impression.

For those who want to do more than simply laze on the beach or look at the views from the summit, activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, scuba diving, mountain biking and bird watching may appeal.

Wildlife you might be able to catch a peek of include quolls, wallabies, wombats and Tasmanian devils.

There's also the opportunity to cruise into Wineglass bay on a Freycinet Cruise vessel – maybe you'll spot dolphins or some migrating whales!

Wineglass Bay will impress not only the 'beach-y keen' but even those who squirm at the thought of spending a day in squeaky pure white sand, with all the other beautiful views and activities there are to do.

Wineglass Bay Beach - Image Credit: Erin Micheletti (On-our-way-home blog)

Wineglass Bay Cruises with The Hazards in the background

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