Tasmania’s town of Penguin

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In the north of Tasmania there is a town that goes by the name of Penguin.

This is an extremely fun community to visit, as it embraces all things related to its name so it's impossible to turn down a corner street without seeing something Penguin related!

During the week, you can enjoy the laid-back pace of life in the sleepy town, while in the weekends the town becomes far more lively and bustling.

When it comes to dining and sitting back to enjoy life's pleasures, Penguin is a great place to visit. There are gorgeous seaside cafes right along a scenic esplanade so you can look out and appreciate the vast sea views of the Bass Strait. It's here you'll also see the 3.15 metre high fibreglass and cement penguin that stands watching over the town!

Make sure you conserve your energy for Sundays, when the Penguin market hits the town. Over 200 stalls are held undercover, so you don't have to worry about the threat of rain.

You can find delicious fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, gourmet cheese and boutique wines. There are also handicrafts and hand carved wooden items, not to mention the area is packed full of musicians providing live entertainment. It's a perfect opportunity to get the family together and have an adventure.

Of course, if you want to see actual penguins, make sure you are in town between September and March. This is when penguin tours can take you to Penguin Point where the creatures can be seen marching up the beach to nest – a truly adorable and memorable sight.

Other must-see sights include colourful gardens, breathtaking mountain walking tracks along the Dial Ranges and exploring the surrounding landscape.

Giant Penguin on the foreshore - Image credit:

Fairy-Little-Penguins-Bass-Strait - image credit: habitat advocate

Penguin Beach - image credit: mtapping on panoramio

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