Tasmania’s in bloom

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Do you love wandering through blossoming gardens as spring arrives, taking in the joys of new life, rejuvenation and natural beauty?

If so, keep October 12 free and travel with friends and family to Wynyard on the north west coast for the Bloomin' Tulips Festival! This town truly shines in spring as tulips begin to flower all around.

Keen to get out and about? There's certainly plenty to do. A 'Tulips @ Twilight' evening offers local arts, crafts, music and maybe even a tasty drink or two.

Not only this, but there will be a dazzling fireworks display over the Inglis River to get you excited about the summer season on its way. Other tulip themed community events will also be happening all around town.

If you're up for the challenge, you can even enter the Tulip Tossing Championship – maybe you'll be named this year's victor!

Of course, any good festival needs to have quality food and drink and this one is no exception. Plenty of fresh, local produce will be on offer so be sure to have a taste. The seafood in particular is fantastic in this region.

When you visit, not only will you get to see the beautiful, blushing tulips in bloom, you'll also get to take in the stunning sea views. Head out on some leisurely strolls along beautiful beaches. The nearby Fossil Bluff is packed with fascinating fossils embedded in the area. The kids in particular will love fossicking around here to see what treasures they can find.

Like the rest of Tasmania, there's also an abundance of intriguing wildlife, so watch out for an array of gorgeous birds!

There are plenty of facilities in the town, such as shops and eateries, so your stay will definitely be a pleasant one. Maybe you'll even leave with a few tulips of your own!

The tulip farm and lighthouse

Rows and rows of tulips to enjoy

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  • Sydney North says:

    Beautiful photos! Bloom’in lovely! They just highlight how diverse the incredible Tasmania landscape is, every region has so much to offer in its own right. Thank you again for posting!

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