Tasmanian adventure on Maatsuyker Island

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Two children have had a book published that records their experience living on remote Maatsuyker Island, ten kilometres off Tasmania's southern coast.

Jonah and Evie Wiltshire were seven and four years old when they went with their parents to be volunteer Parks and Wildlife Service caretakers and Bureau of Meteorology weather observers on the island.

The Lighthouse Kids of Maatsuyker Island was written with the help of their mother Sheryl Hamilton while they were living there from February to May 2010.

All of the drawings and models in the book were created by the children while they were living there discovering the "magic of Maat".

They were the first children in over ten years to live on the island, which is the site of Australia's most southerly lighthouse.

Conditions on Maatsuyker are frequently extreme as it is exposed to the constant buffeting of the Roaring Forties winds coming off the southern ocean.

The two young authors are now off to Adelaide next month as they have been nominated for the Children's Book Council Awards.

The Lighthouse Kids of Maatsuyker Island is published by 40 Degrees South and some of the sale proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Maatsuyker Island.

book cover - The Lighthouse Kids of Maatsuyker

Cover of Book - credit 40 Degrees South Publishers

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