The Tasman Peninsula while seemingly restful and relaxed, is a hive of activity with an almost endless list of things to do and see.

Located a comfortable hour outside of Hobart, the peninsula is a popular destination with both locals and visitors to Tassie.

At Pirates Bay near Eaglehawk Neck jump on board an eco-cruise to wild Tasman Island and prepare to marvel at the windswept coastline with sheer cliffs and wild seas. Back on land spend time surveying the Tessellated Pavement.

If you have a passion for wildlife you will no doubt want to catch a glimpse of some of the area's most famous residents, the Tasmanian Devil.

These marsupials like to spend time running through the bush at the wildlife Park at Taranna, but you may want to pack your binoculars if you are going to lock eyes with the local birdlife.

When you start to feel peckish, you might want to rest on the soft grassy lawns at the nearby Port Arthur Historic Site.

This is a great place just to sit back and reflect while watching the world and a rich visual and disturbing history pass you by.

Night owls will want to take part an evening ghost tour that is also organised at the Port Arthur site.

The Peninsula is a place that many locals go for their own holidays – it is dotted with shacks and small places where the pace of life is defined by what is missing. No rush, no timetable, no large shops – it is total kick-back. It is also a place to stay over if you do the late night activities at Port Arthur.

Sheer cliffs on the Tasman Peninsula

Port Arthur

Coastal Cliffs Tasman Peninsula

Amazing houses and shacks - this is not a shack image credit and copyright Room11 studios

View towards Tasman Island from Coastal Walk

Tessellated Pavement

White Beach on the Peninsula near Nubeena

Some of the largest most ferocious waves in the world for surfing - Shipstens Bluff

Tasmanian Coastal Hiker Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Arch - Tasman Peninsula at Eaglehawk Neck

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  • Sally Matthews says:

    Fantastic place to explore!

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