TasART shines in 2013

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Tasmania is bursting with artistic talent and the close-knit community supports this wholeheartedly. See for yourself – you're bound to be impressed by what you find and maybe you'll even discover a new favourite artist. 

You can get a taste of all this for yourself at the 2013 TasART festival, a standout feature of the Tasmania's event calendar. Held in the Northwest of the state, the festival is run by the Burnie Coastal Art Group and continues to grow in popularity.

The Burnie Coastal Art Group is a long-established collective of artistic Tasmanians and was formed in 1952. From the group's small beginnings, this not-for-profit organisation is now a lively part of Tasmania's community. Many individuals and businesses donate money and time to its cause, as it's such a treasured part of Tassie's society.

Overall, the goal of the TasART is to encourage artistic pursuits in the community, and painting is a particular focus. It's not hard to see where Tasmanians get their inspiration from, considering the natural beauty to be found in every direction.

As well as this, the festival provides a space where emerging artists can present their work, receive feedback and constructive criticism while also developing connections and ties with fellow artists.

It's a great opportunity for newer artists to learn from established talents and discover a standard of work that they can aim towards.

Many artists also work away from this festival having been rewarded and recognised, which further encourages artists to pursue their talents.

Head to the Burnie Arts and Function Centre until 19 October to see the exhibition in person yourself and marvel at the art and talent emerging from Tasmania.

Table Cape Pastoral - Richard Klekociuk Donation Painting

JW_SIG_NAVTIP July 2013 Richard Klekociuk

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