Tahune Forest AirWalk

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A trip to the Huon River is always going to be a journey to remember, with its combination of breathtaking scenery and fun family activities.

Set in the heart of the Southern Forests and just outside of Geeveston, the site is easy to access yet still leaves you with the feeling that you are worlds away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Along the banks of this famous river is the Tahune AirWalk – a favourite amongst visitors and locals alike.

Set above the forest canopy at 45 metres high, the 'high wire' walk overlooks the Hartz Mountains and has a birds-eye view of nearby old growth forests.

Depending on the time of year, you can also see a range of different plants in bloom or local wildlife while others may find that they simply enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with being so high above ground.

If you are travelling to the Huon River from Hobart, you should leave at least two and a half hours to arrive at your destination.

Ticket prices begin at $12.50 for children and $25 for adults, but there is also the option of family and concession passes.

Tahune AirWalk Swinging Cantilever

Visitor Centre Tahune

Tahune Forest Reserve

Soaring view in the treetops

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