Synaesthesia: Music of Colour and Mind at MONA

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Stimulate your senses to experience the "saturating sensory euphoria" of Synaesthesia: Music of Colour and Mind at MONA.

What exactly is synaesthesia you may ask? American neurologist and author Richard Cytowic says: "Synaesthesia means 'joined sensation', such that a voice or music, for example, is not only heard but seen, tasted or felt as a physical touch…


So let all your senses come alive to take in the musical works, original numbers and "new encounters with the masters" Olivier Messiaen, Ligeti's Mysteries of the Macabre, and Mussorgsky's Pictures at an exhibition – with a new arrangement by Julian Yu.

Make sure to get your tickets quick for this unique musical experience, that runs from November 3 to November 4, as the event is open to only 400 guests, with the museum closing to regular punters (The Wine Bar will remain open to the public).

The weekend program, which was produced in collaboration with MONA and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO), will serve up a "smorgasbord of light, colour and sound".

Artists attending the event include Kate Miller-Heidke, Michael Kieran Harvey, Allison Bell, Peter HIll, ANAM, Meow Meow, Brian Ritchie, Ken Young, Danny Healy, Marc Hannaford, Chorus and the TSO.

Get your tickets now from the MONA website!

Synaesthesia at MONA

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