Surfing Greens Beach, Marrawah

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Surfers will know that there is often nothing better than diving into the ocean as the sun rises in the morning.

From the sting of salt in your eyes through to the comforting feeling that comes from having great water under your board, it is hard to find a better way to start the day.

And while there are a number of great surfing destinations in Tasmania, a trip to the island state is not complete without spending time in the seaside areas close to Marrawah.

Nestled in among breathing-taking ocean views from a great beach, but adjacent to rocky shores, and a headland, wild winds have come to define the far North West of Tasmania as a big wave place which will test your skill.

Greens Beach and the nearby ‘Point’ (which has a great left lift) and Periwinkle are easily on Tasmania’s top locations for anyone wanting to try their hand at different surfing styles including kite and windsurfing. The area was formerly the site for part of the Billabong Blue Water Classic Series attracting surfers from all over the world.

However, it is also a great place to unwind and take in the natural beauty of this seemingly untouched part of the world. Facilities are sparse in the area – it is a favourite

An easy drive from Stanley and Smithton or a full day trek over from Launceston, it is the ultimate weekend destination for anyone wanting to look for the perfect wave.

Surfing at Marrawah - Image Credit: ABC Tasmania

The only way to have your beer in the area (not whilst driving however) Image Credit: ESPN

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  • Marc Athertonsoatho says:

    Was concerned that readers may confuse Greens Beach in the Tamar Valey with Green Point which is the surfing mecca on the west coast.

  • admin says:

    Marc thanks for taking the time to comment. We have corrected a few angles as a result of your observations. Even though (agreed) Marrawah is inland a small distance the area is still known collectively amongst surfers as ‘Marrawah’. They then get down to the different breaks which are much more specific using descriptions such as ‘Greens’. The terms seem interchangable. A recent visit by someone on staff spawned the article.
    Thanks again for taking time to guide us. It is appreciated.

  • Marc Athertonsoatho says:

    This article needs to be taken down or the factual errors corrected. Greens Beach is not a surf beach and Marrawah is not a seaside town.

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